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The Wind is Our Mantra, We are Everywhere 

The Full Story

North -East Winds mission is to bring people together through the premium attractions and activities
that draws millions of visitors from far and wide to Upstate New York. We are passionate about people and want to give individuals and families the opportunity to escape the city and enjoy the natural beauty, cultural events, award-winning wineries, historic and endemic destinations in Upstate New York.

Exploring has always been a favorite pastime of many New Yorkers from all walks of life and our goals is
to restore this zest for discovering new things and making new friends after the ravages of the pandemic. 
The limitless Trade Winds is our mantra because they have influenced and inspired travel and exploration throughout history. We believe exploring in our own backyard is just as exciting as exploring
the world because of all the hidden gems we have discovered ourselves while developing our exceptional itineraries. Our premium packaged excursions are created for day trips, overnight or week-end escapes
to the farther away locations such as Niagara Falls, New York’s most famous landmark.

You can hike in the Adirondacks, zipline America’s longest and highest zipline in the Catskills, catch a
hot-air balloon ride or cruise down the Erie Canal or the famous Hudson River. New York State has a history of incredulous achievements in innovation, economics, and social reform. North-East Winds captures the intrigue and energy of pioneering settlers, the Revolutionary War, the Women’s Rights Movement, Abolitionist and
the natural beauty of Upstate New York. We are pioneers in our own rights and determine to expose
you our avant-garde passengers to an exclusive Upstate New York experience.

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