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Our Team

North-East Winds Excursions is a family-owned and operated business. Director Sophia is a Jamaican immigrant who hails from the picturesque North-East region. She is joined by daughter Kelly-Ann and management staff of 1st generation American relatives who were born and raised in New York.  Living and working in the melting-pot of culture that surrounds us we were always privy to the vibrant kaleidoscope of colors and flavor when people from all corners of the Earth come together bringing a piece of their customs and traditions with them to their new homeland. We learned a lot by attending and participating ourselves in some of these dynamic events. We also exposed our visiting family and friends to the wonders of New York State and its rich history from being a major slave trading port to a world-renowned center for the arts and gastronomy. When we shared our personal experiences of exploring in our home state with our work colleagues, friends and neighbors we realized that a lot of New Yorkers shared a thirst for this kind of knowledge and experience. It was quite evident that they would appreciate a vehicle that allowed them easy access to explore more and have fun in their own backyard. That’s the purpose behind the birth of N.E.W. We believe learning is an ongoing event that stops only when we expire. We guarantee a fun and rewarding experience on every bus ride, weekend trip or one day outing! You will learn something interesting you never knew about New York, and you’ll also make a N.E.W. friend for life. You, your family, and friends are sure to have an epic adventure on a N.E.W. excursion.

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