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N.E.W. Partnership with The Campaign Against Hunger

Hello North East Winds Travelers! We hope this holiday season is treating you well so far. With so much changing so quickly, it’s almost hard to keep up. But you should know that here at North East Winds Tours and Excursions, one thing will remain the same. We are here for our community. We are here for you. Through experiencing the many entertaining, historical, and noteworthy locations and activities of our legendary State, through our premium excursions and group tours, we uphold ourselves to giving back and creating community at the core of all we do. Aligning with this goal, as promised in our “Break Out Of Quarantine” T-Shirt sales promotion, we partnered with an organization close to home, whose mission is rooted in keeping our community healthy and thriving. The Campaign Against Hunger, through their distribution of fresh and healthy foods, throughout to those most in need, was a perfect fit for us to not only give a portion of your hard spent dollars, but also of our own service in volunteering at their pantry.

The Campaign Against Hunger makes a difference in the lives of about 30,000 people every month. Distributing around 10,000 meals a day and providing more than 15,000 hours of nutritional education each year, TCAH (The Campaign Against Hunger) was a perfect fit for us. Though they are growing and at this time service mainly the communities in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens, they were a great start for what we hope is the first of not only a long partnership, but the first of many partners in our efforts to service the communities that we travel through and call home.

Our North East Winds team was there to deliver our give back directly to TCAH, and also spend the day providing whatever help and services we could, from packing and handing out food boxes, to managing the movement of community members waiting on line, to the moving of stockroom items. We experienced the uncontrollable circumstances that volunteers and TCAH workers go through as the sun and then heavy snow (yes it did snow) made it’s way through our day. From the difficulties to the good spirited as we watched as how the many needed items that some may take for granted, made all the day to those who may go without. TCAH helped us make an unforgettable experience and we look forward to making more, and with your continued support we can, as this is all possible because of you, and for that, we thank you!

Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you on tour when it's safe to gather again. In the meantime please Stay Safe.

North East Winds Tours and Excursions

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